Aussie Digital (AUD)


Aussie Digital (AUD)

Value : ~$ 85 | Views : 2074

Aussie Digital aims to build and complete an E-commerce Ecosystem that will include a functional E-commere platform, B2B Portal, Cryptocurrency Trading Platform and multiple other services including those powered by blockchain technology. With the competitve edge of blockchain technology and their minimal fees, they expect those using the Aussie Digital platform to revolutionize the way online stores operate, This new way of trading online wil allow small retailers to compete against the big E-commerce stores.

Aussie Digital is airdropping 8500 AUD tokens (~$ 85) to airdrop participants. Share your referral link to earn 10% of your referred user's reward amount, another 3% if they sign up another member and another 1% if they sign somebody else up.


1. Register for the Aussie Digital Airdrop, by creating an account.

2. Verify your mail and go to the Aussie Digital Airdrop page.

3, Join Aussie Digital on Telegram. (For step 1,2 and 3 +5000 AUD)

4. Like Aussie Digital on Facebook. (+500 AUD)

5. Follow Aussie Digital on Twitter. (+500 AUD)

6. Follow Aussie Digital on LinkedIn. (+500 AUD)

7. Follow Aussie Digital on Medium.(+500 AUD)

8. Follow Aussie Digital on Instagram. (+500 AUD)

9. Subscribe to Aussie Digital on YouTube. (+500 AUD)

10. Promote Aussie Digital using Embded code on social media. You can find this code in your dashboard under ''Copy the below code and start sharing''. Take a screenshot or copy the link as proof for step 11. (+500 AUD)

11. Submit your details to the Airdrop form.

12. After completing all the tasks, you will receive 8,500 AUD tokens.

13. Extra task: Create a (promotional) video about Aussie Digital and receive additional 5000 AUD tokens worth ~$ 50.

14. Extra task: Write a blog about Aussie Digital, minimum 500 words and earn 10,000 AUD tokens worth ~$100.

15. Share your referral link, which you can found on your dashboard, to earn more AUD tokens.



Extra affiliate program

Apart from the Airdrop, you can win attractive rewards of prizes by becoming the highest sharing affiliate of Aussie Digital. They are offering exciting prizes for the first 3 highest sharing affiliates that are:

1. The First highest selling affiliate will get the 1st Prize of $50,000 in AUD tokens.

2. The Second highest selling affiliate will get the 2nd Prize of $30,000 in AUD tokens.

3. The Third highest selling affiliate will get the 3rd Prize of $20,000 in AUD tokens.


For more information regarding the Aussie Digital Airdrop, read this article or visit the Airdrop Terms & Conditions page.

For more information about the referral program, visit this page.

Or visit token website

Never share your private key with anyone! Never spend money to get free tokens!

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