Welcome to STER Airdrop - Round #1

What's our project ?

With Airdropster we want revolutionize the airdrop's world and improve the way they are shared within the crypto community.
For this purpose we created our own STER token for you to participate to our own Airdrop

What are the rules ?

Get free 500 Points for joining our Telegram Channel, follow us on Twitter and Retweet our pinned message.
Also, for each friend you refer, you will receive 100 Points for free thanks to our referral program.

When will I get my tokens ?

On the 31th of March 9PM GMT we'll take the top 1000 with the most points and we'll send them STER tokens as follow : 1 point = 1 STER.
Ex: If you are within the top 1000 and have 20000 points you'll then get 20000 STER Tokens in April


- This is not an ICO, just a free airdrop for tokens that have no value yet! - Check that you are on when participating to our airdrop - We will never ask for your private key - You won't need to send us ETH to receive your STER Tokens - The only official STER airdrop is on our website - We don't have Google Form airdrop - Next rounds will only be done on our website - Our official email is [email protected]

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Your wallet has to be a ERC20 wallet (not one from an exchange), it has to have some transactions
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