Memeunity (DANK)


Memeunity (DANK)


Value : ~$ 125,000 in total | Views : 1478

Memeunity is the world's first Interactive Media platform (in development) dedicated to the awesome joy that comes through memes. Memeunity is a decentralized, user-friendly social network that aims to change the fundamentals of social media to preserve the user's freedom and data while bringing them together under the universal language of humour. 

Memeunity is airdropping a total of 1.25M DANK tokens (~$ 125,000). The total amount will be divided into a group of 4 batches, one of which is going to be allocated specifically for everyone who participates in MU’s creator program. 250,000 DANK for meme and content creators.


1. Visit the Memeunity Airdrop form. 

2. Follow Memeunity on Twitter.

3. Follow Memeunity on Reddit.

4. Share your memes on Twitter and in Memeunity's Telegram Group. Don't forget to add the hashtag #mumemes or #memeunitymemes. 

5. Submit your Ethereum wallet and details to the Airdrop form. The distribution of rewards will be done before the listing on Uniswap.

6. In addition, Memeunity is organizing another Meme Contest worth $100 in ETH and 500 DANK tokens on a weekly basis. To participate, you must share the meme on Twitter, tag @thememeunity, and send the link of your meme to this Form. Second place gets 250 DANK and third place will get 100 DANK

For more information about the Memeunity Airdrop, please check the Official Announcement



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