Zenon Network (QSR)


Zenon Network (QSR)

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Zenon Network is an evolutionary step in distributed ledger technology, enabling an efficient trust layer for transfer of value and data globally. Based on The Network of Momentum, it proposes a new type of architecture designed to overcome the limitations of current blockchain or DAG-based cryptocurrencies.

Zenon Network Airdrop is worth free QSR tokens allocated on a ratio basis to ZNN holders. 


1. Visit the Quasar Drop pool page & read the instructions. 

2. Send ZNN to the indicated QSR Drop Pool address. Minimum Amount is 100 ZNN (excluding fees). Transactions under 100 ZNN will be burned. Do not send from an exchange address.Transaction must be confirmed at least 180 blocks (~3 hours) before the Snapshot...

3. ZNN that were sent and eligible will be received back within 48h after the final snapshot.

4. QSR for eligible participants will be received on a ratio basis at Alphanet swap. Between 100 and 1000 ZNN, the ratio is 1:3. Over 1000 ZNN the ratio is 1:5. For 1:10 ratio, read the Medium post. 

NoteThere will be a total of 4 snapshots during the Lock-drop phase, taken at settled block numbers. To qualify for the Lock-Drop, Pillars and Nodes need to be active when the snapshots occur. The 5K output must be unspent at the block of the snapshot and the node must have received at least 1 reward in the interval of the snapshot block +/- 1440 blocks. 


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