Flits Wallet (FLS)


Flits Wallet (FLS)


Value : ~$ 1 + referral + bonuses | Views : 488

Flits is the first and safest decentralized mobile masternode app. Through use of the Flits app users will get a lot of spare time on their hands. You can manage your investments anywhere, anytime. Some of the features that are applied in the Flits app are: deposit & invest Bitcoin, starting a masternode with a few clicks, staking and more. 

Flits is airdropping ~$1 in FLS tokens to 3,000 randomly selected participants. Invite friends to earn ~$0.1 in FLS tokens for every referral. There is a bonus for the top referrers:

1st spot will receive ~$500 in FLS tokens

2nd spot will receive ~$300 in FLS tokens

3rd spot will receive ~$200in FLS tokens

4th - 10th spots will receive ~$100 in FLS tokens



1. Chat with the Flits Airdrop bot.

2. Join Flits on Telegram. (Mandatory)

3. Download the Flits Wallet App. (Mandatory)

4. Follow Flits & Crypto Adventure on Twitter. (Mandatory)

5. Join Flits on Discord. (Optional)

6. Follow Flits on Facebook. (Optional)

7. Like & retweet this and this tweet. (Optional)

8. Submit your details to the airdrop bot.

9. 3000 randomly selected people will receive ~$1 in FLS tokens. Invite friend to earn more FLS + win one of the referral bonuses.


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