BoolWallet (BTT & BTC)


BoolWallet (BTT & BTC)


Value : ~$ 1000 in Total + referral | Views : 304

BoolWallet is the first digital asset service wallet in the market that uses cold Wallet and encrypted channel communication technology. BoolWallet provides private key hosting service through cloud wallet, which paves the way for newcomers to enter the blockchain world.

BoolWallet is airdropping 250 $BTT tokens for participating and a chance to win 0.1 $BTC in a daily draw. Invite your friends and win 20 $BTT on each referral.

  1. Chat with the BoolWallet Airdrop Telegram bot. 
  2. Join BoolWallet on Telegram. (mandatory)
  3. Follow BoolWallet and Crypto Adventure on Twitter. (mandatory)
  4. Like & Retweet this Tweet.
  5. Like & Retweet this Tweet.
  6. Submit the email address you used to register on BoolWallet App.
  7. Submit your BitTorrent (BTT) address from BoolWallet App.
  8. Invite your friends and win 20 $BTT on each referral.

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Never share your private key with anyone! Never spend money to get free tokens!

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