Tandem (TDM)


Tandem (TDM)

Value : ~$ 1 | Views : 1874

Tandem is a global P2P interface that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency on the platform with each other, supporting most global fiat currencies. The interface is entirely available on mobile devices, for an on-the-go experience, anytime, anywhere.

Tandem is airdropping 1,000 TDM tokens (~$ 1) to airdrop participants and 250 TDM tokens (~$ 0.25) for every referral.


1. Register for the Tandem Airdrop, by downloading the Tandem App.

2. Open the App, sign up & verify your mail.

3. 1,000 TDM tokens will be added to your account.

4. For your referral link, click on 'sign in' with your account details here and you will find your referral details.

5. Invite friends to earn 250 TDM tokens for every referral.


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