TranslateMe (TMN)


TranslateMe (TMN)


Value : ~$ 1200 in Total | Views : 424

TranslateMe is a decentralized translation solution, that will combine Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with a distributed network of computing power.

TranslateMe is airdropping 1 Million TMN tokens (~$ 1200) in total to airdrop participants. Simply chat in their participant groups on telegram with the translation tool activated and earn 1 TMN per message sent.

  • How to earn TMN on Telegram Translator App
  1. Visit the GooglePlay store and download the TranslateMe App
  2. Open your menu on the app and select ``Earn TMN``.
  3. Chat in one of the groups with translation activated. 
  4. Earn 1 TMN for each message translated.


  • How to Claim after Earning
  1. Go to Menu. 
  2. Click to Claim. 
  3. Redeem TMN. 
  4. Download Wallet


For more info about the Airdrop, See the Official Announcement.


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