Cloudbit Token (CDB)


Cloudbit Token (CDB)

Value : ~$ 7.5 | Views : 2166

Cloudbit Token (CDB) is committed to the financial freedom and freedom that Cloudbit Token grants to anyone worldwide to volunteer to participate in a discretionary and decentralized network. This allows people not to be marginalized by governments and financial institutions. In addition, the Cloudbit Token points a new path towards to the digital future.

Cloudbit Airdrop is airdropping 750 CDB tokens (~$ 7.5) to airdrop participants.


1. Register on VinDAX.

2. Follow Cloudbit and VinDAX on Twitter.

3. Follow Cloudbit and VinDAX on Telegram.

4. Follow Cloudbit on LinkedIn.

5. Like Cloudbit on Facebook.

6. Invite 10 friends to the Cloudbit Telegram group.

7. Submit your mail, same you used to register on VinDAX, and other details to the Airdrop form.

8. You will receive 750 CDB tokens, which will be airdropped to your VinDAX account.


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