Monnos (MNS)


Monnos (MNS)


Value : ~$ 2 + referral + leaderboard prizes | Views : 287

Monnos is the first global All-in-One Crypto Account designed for anyone to effortlessly make, open and synchronize strategies. You don’t need to be a crypto specialist to enjoy crypto opportunities. It brings features together like Multi Wallets, Exchange Hub, Crypto Saving account and Sync Stragey.

Monnos is airdropping up to 105 MNS tokens (~$ 2) to airdrop participants and 26.1 MSN tokens (~$ 0.5) for every referral.

There is also a bonus for inviting friends:

1: Top 10 referrers (1-10) will win ~$1000 in MNS tokens;
2: Top 30 referrers (11-30) will win ~$500 in MNS tokens;;
3: Top 50 referrers (31-50) will win ~$250 in MNS tokens.


  1. Chat with the Monnos Airdrop Bot.
  2. Download the Monnos App, available for iOS and Android, create an account & submit your nickname to the bot.
  3. Join Monnos on Telegram.
  4. Follow Monnos on Twitter & retweet the pinned tweet using the following hashtags: #MnsAirDrop #MonnosAirDrop.
  5. Follow Monnos on Reddit & follow their forums.
  6. Like Monnos on Facebook.
  7. Follow Monnos on LinkedIn & Subscribe to Monnos on YouTube.
  8. You will receive 105 MNS tokens. Invite friends to earn 26.1 MSN tokens for every referral & a chance to win 1 of the leaderboard prizes.


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