Navibration Round 2 (NAVI)


Navibration Round 2 (NAVI)


Value : ~$ 3 + referral | Views : 345

Navibration is a Spain-based technology company backed by the Government of Spain and has developed a patented technology. Navibration Experiences will be the world's first DECENTRALIZED routes social network, in which the whole ecosystem will be built on Blockchain technology. The routes will be geolocated (from corners of the entire planet) and audio-guided (narrated by the main historical characters of each place).

Navibration is airdropping 300 NAVI tokens (~$ 3) to airdrop participants and 50 NAVI tokens (~$ 0.5) for every referral.


1. Sign up on ProBit Exchange & verify your mail.

2. Download the Navibration App, available for iOS and Android, & sign up with the same email used for the ProBit Exchange.

3. Join ProBit & Navibration on Telegram.

4. Refer friends to earn 50 NAVI tokens for every referral. You can find your referral link here.

5. Tokens will be distributed to your ProBit account after the end of the IEO.


Note: You can participate in NAVI IEO 2nd Round on ProBit (22-29 October) and get 50% extra bonus for your purchase if you have completed this airdrop. More info regarding the airdrop can be found here.


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