Reflexion Lounge (XLRO)


Reflexion Lounge (XLRO)


Value : ~$ 16 + Level 2 referral | Views : 712

Reflexion Lounge is a restaurant and lounge business establishment that provides customers with a beautiful retreat and an inclusive experience. Reflexion Lounge is currently serving over 30 nationalities, and a broad clientele base. The management is fast strategizing to develop more outlets, avenues and branches.

Reflexion Lounge airdropping 105 XLRO tokens (~$ 16) to airdrop participants and 15 XLRO tokens (~$ 2.25) for each referral. You will also receive an additional 5 XRLO tokens (~$ 0.75) for each verified references your friends refer.


1. Visit the Reflexion Lounge Airdrop page.

2. Submit your email and ERC-20 wallet address & verify your mail.

3. Follow Reflexion Lounge on Twitter

4. Like and follow Reflexion Lounge on Facebook

5. Like/follow Reflexion Lounge on Instagram.

6. Like and comment on Reflexion Lounge YouTube video.

7. Like/follow Reflexion Lounge on LinkedIn.

8. Share your referral link to earn more XLRO tokens. 


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