aXpire x Magnum Wallet (AXPR)


aXpire x Magnum Wallet (AXPR)


Value : ~$ 0.25 + referral | Views : 521

aXpire is a blockchain RP SaaS FundTechcompany offering a wide range of products and services. aXpire has designed, developed, tested and deployed its SaaS/Cloud-based end to end workflow cycle management, to digitize all inter and intra-departmental communications.

aXpire is airdropping 25 AXPR tokens (~$ 0.25) to airdrop participants and 2.5 AXPR tokens (~$ 0.025) for each referral. You can refer up to 4 people maximum.


1. Chat with the aXpire Airdrop Telegram bot. 

2. Visit aXpire website.

3. Join AXPR on Telegram.

4. Follow aXpire on Twitter.

5. Follow Magnum Wallet on Twitter

6. Like and retweet the Whitepaper and «meet aXpire» posts on aXpire Twitter page.

7. Create your wallet in the web version or use Android App of Magnum Wallet and Submit your BNB wallet Address. See the Instructions.

8. Invite up to 4 friends to earn more AXPR tokens for each. 


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