KryptoRedeem (KRT)


KryptoRedeem (KRT)


Value : ~$ 10 + referral | Views : 670

KryptoRedeem is a loyalty and rewards platform with Blockchain technology for eCommerce and retailers, that gives a detailed view of its segments and allows you to automate marketing campaigns, personalized promotions and do online surveys, rewarding their loyalty with Tokens.

KryptoRedeem is airdropping up to 18 KRT tokens (~$ 10) to airdrop participants and 9 KRT tokens (~$ 5) for each referral.


1. Chat with the KryptoRedeem Airdrop Telegram Bot. 

2. Provide your Ethereum Wallet Address. 

3. Register for the KryptoRedeem Website and provide your Mail to the Bot. (5 KRT)

4. Join KryptoRedeem on Telegram Group and Telegram Announcement Channel.  (5 KRT)

5. Follow KryptoRedeem on Twitter and retweet this Tweet. (2 KRT)

6. Like and follow KryptoRedeem on Facebook and repost this Post. (2 KRT)

7. Follow KryptoRedeem on Linkedin and repost this Post. (2 KRT)

8. Like KryptoRedeem on Instagram and like and comment on this Post. (2 KRT)

9. Invite your friends to earn 9 KRT tokens for each referral.

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