Global Currency Unit (GCU)


Global Currency Unit (GCU)


Value : ~$ 1500 | Views : 2616

Global Currency Unit represents an exciting new digital asset with serious global utility applicable to hi-end technology, modern lifestyle, and unique investment opportunities.

Global Currency Unit is airdropping 25,000 GCUs (~$ 1,500) for the first 10,000 supporters. Next 90,000 supporters will receive 5,000 GCU  (~$ 300) each, and Next 900,000 supporters will receive 1,000 GCU  (~$ 60) each.  

  1. Register for the Global Currency Unit Airdrop.
  2. Invite at least 8 friends to get up to 25,000 GCUs. 
  3. After registration, you have only two days to let eight people register via your link.
  4. When 8 people will register that link, you will receive an email and a payout box will unlock. Then you can paste your ERC-20wallet address and click send me GCU button in the payout box to receive your GCUs within 2 days.


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