SDA Entrepreneur (FREE)


SDA Entrepreneur (FREE)


Value : ~$ 3 + referral | Views : 1599

SDAT is a decentralized exchange and has 3 key world-pioneering features: transaction immutability, transparency and distributed ledger technology. These 3 features enhance transaction security for tokens traded on SDAT Exchange. 

SDA Entrepreneur airdrop is worth 150 FREE tokens (~$ 3). Share your referral link to earn 50 FREE tokens (~$ 1) for every referral.



1. Chat with the SDA Entrepreneur Airdrop bot.

2. Join at least one of the 12 Telegram groups given by the bot, depending on your location.

3. Subscribe to SDAT on YouTube.

4. Create an account on SDAT Exchange.

5. Submit your SDAT Wallet Address to the bot. You can find your address at your profile - Deposit/withdraw.

6. Follow SDAT Exchange and SDChain on Twitter and submit your Twitter account starting with '@" to the bot.

7. Follow SDAT Exchange and SDChain on Facebook.

8. Complete the other instructions given by the bot.

9. Share your referral link to earn 50 FREE tokens.

10. FREE tokens will be calculated at the end ot the month and distributed within 30 days to your SDAT wallet.



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Never share your private key with anyone! Never spend money to get free tokens!

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