2 Year Anniversary (CC)


2 Year Anniversary (CC)


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Cultural Places is the first holistic platform in the cultural sector that connects visitors, institutions, artists, content creators and donors. Cultural Places will disrupt the cultural sector as it redefines the relations between all stakeholders and creates new business opportunities. The core is its own crypto currency – the Cultural Coin – based on blockchain technology, that reinvents and simplifies cultural financing, sponsoring and ticketing.

AirdropAlert is airdropping 1 million Cultural Places (CC) tokens in total to celebrate their 2 Year Anniversary. Every airdrop participant will receive up to 75 CC tokens. Earn more CC tokens by referring your friends.


1. Create an account on AirdropAlert Dashboard.

2. Join/follow AirdropAlert on Telegram, Facebook and Instagram. (+ 50 CC)

3. Submit your ETH Wallet Address and other details to the 2 Year Anniversary Airdrop form

4. For additional CC tokens, complete the survey. (+ 25 CC, this will take you ± 3 minutes)

5. The CC tokens will be distributed at the end of August, 2019.

6. Share your referral link to earn more CC tokens.You will receive your unique referral link in the airdrop confirmation mail.


Referral Bonuses

1. If you refer 1 t3 users you will receive additional 50 CC tokens. Total airdrop is 100 CC tokens.

2. If you refer 4 to 10 users you will receive additional 100 CC tokens. Total airdrop is 200 CC tokens.

3. If you refer 11 users or more, you will receive additional 250 CC tokens. Total airdrop is 300 CC tokens.

If you complete the airdrop + survey + referral 11 friends or more, the maximum reward is 325 CC tokens.


Note: If you are already a dashboard user and a social follower of Airdrop Alert, you can still earn this airdrop by referring minimum of 1 friend. The same rule applies if you joined our previous bonus airdrops.


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