YOOSourcing (YST)


YOOSourcing (YST)


Value : ~Up to $ 30 + referral | Views : 1219

YOOSourcing is a free mobile application for global sourcing. Developed for buyers by buyers to meet current needs in international trade. YOOSourcing solves the last mile problem in international trade by providing a decentralized solution and using utility token YST to reduce the cost of networking.

YOOSourcing is airdropping up to 30 YST tokens (~$ 30) to airdrop participants and up to 2 YST tokens (~$ 2) for each referral. 

  1. Chat with the YOOSourcing Airdrop telegram bot. 
  2. Subscribe to the Email Newsletter and confirm your email. (+1 YST)
  3. Follow YOOSourcing on telegram channel. (+1 YST)
  4. Join YOOSourcing on telegram group. (+1 YST)
  5. Follow YOOSourcing on Twitter and retweet the Airdrop post. (+1 YST)
  6. Follow YOOSourcing on Facebook & share the Airdrop post. (+1 YST)
  7. Refer a friend to the telegram bot. (+1 YST per referral – Max 10)
  8. You have two options for getting tokens from this drop:

A. Create a new Y-wallet (See the wallet Tutorial). You will need to complete KYC. (+20 YST, and 2x YST multiplier for all Airdrop tasks)

B. Use an existing ERC20 wallet and miss out on up to 35 YST in this drop.


For more info, check the Airdrop Guide and Rules.

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