Minglechain (MC)


Minglechain (MC)


Value : ~$ 21 + referral | Views : 2350

Minglechain is the world’s first location-based networking app for DLT/Blockchain professionals, companies and enthusiasts. Their tailor-made search feature and intuitive messaging function can help users find the contacts they need with minimal effort. Users will also be kept up to date with networking opportunities such as events, making Minglechain a one-stop-shop for Blockchain professionals.

Minglechain is airdropping up to 150 MC tokens (~$ 21) to airdrop participants and 25 MC tokens (~$ 4) for every referral.


1. Chat with the Minglechain Airdrop bot and complete human verification.

2. Join Minglechain on Telegram. (Mandatory)

3. Download the Minglechain App, available for iOS or Android, create an account and submit the same mail you have used for the app to the bot. (Mandatory)

4. Rate the app with 5 stars in Google play or Apple store. (Mandatory)

5. Submit your ETH Wallet Addres to the bot. 

6. You have earned 75 MC tokens so far.

7. Follow Minglechain on Twitter & retweet the last tweet. (Optional, + 10 MC)

8. Like Minglechain on Facebook & share the last post. (Optional, +10 MC)

9. You will get a bonus of 5 MC tokens if you complete all of the tasks, in total after completing all of the tasks you will earn 100 MC tokens.

10. Bonus task for an extra 50 MC tokens: Go to 'settings' in the app, click in 'info' and write at least a 40 words description about yourself. After that, go to 'referral', type code mingle and submit your ETH wallet address.

11. Share your referral link to earn 25 MC tokens for every referral. 


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