Tryvium (TYM)


Tryvium (TYM)


Value : ~Up to $ 38 | Views : 730

Tryvium infrastructure will deliver a decentralized network to create a cost-effective booking platform where both small-scale hotel owners and corporate giants can come ahead and create new business and tourism opportunities.

Tryvium  is airdropping up to 1000 TYM tokens (~$ 38) to the airdrop participants. 

1. Visit the Tryvium Airdrop form.

2. Follow Tryvium on Telegram channel. (each applicant gets 1 stake)

3. Follow Tryvium on Twitter. (each applicant gets 1 stake)

4. Like and Follow Tryvium on Facebook. (each applicant gets 1 stake)

5. Submit your ERC-20 wallet address and your details to the Airdrop form. 


Note: Number of TYM tokens you will receive = your stakes * allocation / total number of stakes. Airdrop allocation is 1,000,000 TYM tokens. You do not have to apply through all 3 social media channels; you may apply through just one or two social media channels if you wish. For each social media you will receive the following proportion of the TYM tokens:

Telegram - 60% (0.6 × round allocation)

Twitter - 20% (0.2 × round allocation)

Facebook - 20% (0.2 × round allocation)


For more details about the Airdrop, visit the Bounty Thread.

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