May Bonus (SAT)


May Bonus (SAT)


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Sandblock is a French company created in Q1 2017. They are allowing brands to create their own crypto assets using the Satisfaction Token, SAT. Brands can easily create branded tokens pegged to the SAT and give them as rewards to their customers for loyalty vut also acquisition.

Airdropalert is airdropping 100 SAT tokens to airdrop participants and more SAT tokens for every referral. The ICO of Sandblock ended on 30th Jun 2018 and the token price in ICO was 1 SAT 0.1450 USD. 


1. Create an account on AirdropAlert Dashboard.

2. Join AirdropAlert on Telegram & Facebook.

3. Submit your ETH Wallet Address and other details to the May Bonus airdrop form.

4. 100 SAT tokens and additional referral bonuses will be distributed at the end of May, 2019.


Referral Bonuses

1. If you refer 1 to 3 users you will receive additional 100 SAT tokens. Your total airdrop value is 200 SAT.

2. If you refer 4 to 10 users you will receive additional 250 SAT tokens. Your total airdrop value is 350 SAT.

3. If you refer 11 users or more, you will receive additional 500 SAT tokens. Your total airdrop value is 600 SAT.


Note: If you are already a dashboard user and a social follower of Airdrop Alert, you can still earn this airdrop by referring minimum of 1 friend.


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