Foresting (PTON)


Foresting (PTON)


Value : ~$ 1.6 + 10 Berry | Views : 1181

Foresting is a blockchain-based social media platform that deviates from the distribution system of traditional social media platforms. It provides a fair value distribution system for users who are the true owners of the platform. Users deliver content through blockchain technologies and contribute to platforms in a variety of forms. Foresting is listed on CoinMarketCap

Foresting is airdropping 1000 PTON tokens (~$ 1.6) and 10 Berry tokens to airdrop participants.


1. Go to the Foresting Airdrop form.

2. Sign up on the Foresting site.

3. Verify your mail.

4. Submit the same mail you used for step 2 and the date to the Airdrop form.

5. You will receive 1000 PTON tokens and 10 Berry tokens.

UPDATE: Please follow these steps after the steps above in order to receive your tokens.

1. Download the Foresting App for Android or iOS.

2. Login to the Foresting app using the same mail you used for the airdrop.

3. Now go to ''my page'', take a screenshot and submit it to the airdrop confirmation form

4. The Foresting team will notify you later in order to receive your tokens.


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