Netrum (NTR)


Netrum (NTR)


Value : ~$ 30 + referral | Views : 722

Netrum is “The Future of Technology”, universal, practical and easy to use. Netrum has many features for its users, it can connect easily with nowadays financial System. Netrum aims to develop its platform to the frontier of technology thus it will benefit its users by offering the latest tech available.

Netrum is airdropping 1 NTR coin (~$ 30) to airdrop participants and 0.25 NTR coin (~$ 7.50) for each referral. 


1. Start the Netrum Airdrop Telegram Bot. 

2. Join Netrum on Telegram

3. Follow Netrum on Twitter and retweet the pinned Tweet

4. Follow Netrum on Facebook and share the pinned Post.

5. Create your website NTR Wallet address or Android App Wallet

6. Submit your NTR wallet address and your details to the Telegram Bot. 

7. Share your referral link to earn more NTR coins. 


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