Chelle Coin round 2 (CHL)


Chelle Coin round 2 (CHL)


Value : ~$ 30 + referral | Views : 1029

The Chelle Platform facilitates trade between cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.) and the ecosystem's ERC721 tokens, which is made up of various documents that constitute real estate transactions.

Chelle Coin is airdropping up to 10 CHL tokens (~$ 30) to airdrop participants and 5 CHL tokens (~$ 15) for every referral. 


1. Chat with the Chelle Coin Airdrop Bot. 

2. Join Chelle Coin on Telegram

3. Follow Chelle Coin on Twitter and write a tweet with hashtag #ChelleCoin. 

4. Follow Chelle Coin on Facebook and write a post with hashtag #ChelleCoin. 

5. Follow Chelle Coin on Instagram and comment on a photo. 

6. Subscribe to Chelle Coin on Youtube channel and comment on at least 1 video.

7. Make a YouTube or Instagram Video About Chelle Coin. (Not mandatory)

8. Share your referral link to earn more CHL tokens. 


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