Tangle (TGL)


Tangle (TGL)


Value : ~$ 1.5 + referral | Views : 1573

Tangle is a trustless, decentralized Neblio Application for prediction markets. The outcomes of Tangle's prediction markets are chosen by users that hold Tangle's native TGL token, who benefit when an outcome is achieved and, in return, receive settlement fees from the markets.

Tangle is airdropping up to 30 TGL tokens (~$ 1.5) to airdrop participants and 2 TGL tokens (~$ 0.1) for each referral. 


1. Go to the Tangle Airdrop page. 

2. Join Tangle on Telegram group.

3. Get your NEBL wallet if you don't have already. 

4. Submit your NEBL wallet address and details to the Telegram Airdrop form. (+ 5 TGL)

5. Refer your friend and earn 2 TGL per each referral, with a maximum of 20 TGL tokens in total.

6. Follow Tangle on Twitter. (+ 5 TGL)

7. Retweet 1 tweet (Maximum 1 retweet per week) and submit your details to this Twitter Airdrop form. (+1 TGL per week)

8. Users will also get an extra 1 TGL for completion of all the above tasks.

9. A maximum of 50 TGL can be earned per participant.


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