Cresio round 2 (CRES)


Cresio round 2 (CRES)


Value : ~$ 11.52 | Views : 1656

Cresio was born as a result of the need to include in a single place, the absolute control of your cryptocurrencies. The purpose is to create an agile and control experience, regardless of the degree of user experience, all linked to a high level of security, guaranteeing an unprecedented experience. 

Cresio is airdropping 1152 CRES tokens (~$ 11.52) to airdrop participants.

  1. Register for the Cresio Airdrop platform. 
  2. Verify your mail and Log in.
  3. Complete your profile information.
  4. Submit your Social network information and your Ethereum wallet address. 
  5. Click on ''Airdrop'' from your dashboard and complete the Airdrop tasks. 
  6. To complete the airdrop correctly you will have to perform all the tasks.


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