Mindsync (MAI)


Mindsync (MAI)


Value : ~$ 25.2 + referral | Views : 1912

Mindsync is a platform to solve customer's tasks with AI technologies competitions as well as a marketplace for these solutions and training datasets. 

Mindsync is airdropping up to 180 MAI tokens (~$ 25.2) to airdrop participants and 50 MAI tokens (~$ 7) for every referral.


1. Register for the Mindsync Airdrop.

2. Join Mindsync on Telegram. (+ 50 MAI)

3. Follow Mindsync on Twitter. (+ 10 MAI)

4. Follow/like Mindsync on Facebook. (+ 50 MAI)

5. Follow Mindsync on LinkedIn. (+ 50 MAI)

6. Follow Mindsync on Instagram. (+ 10 MAI)

7. Subscribe to Mindsync on Reddit. (+ 10 MAI)

8. Submit your details to the Mindsync Airdrop Form.

8. For your referral link, login to your Mindsync account, click on ''Referrals'' in the dashboard and share your referral link to earn 50 MAI tokens for every referral.

9. Post a proof of authentication on the Bitcointalk thread with the following details:

#proof of authentication
Telegram login: @xxx
Bitcointalk Username: xxx

If you have questions, you can ask it in the Mindsync Bounty Group.


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