Fleta (FLETA)


Fleta (FLETA)


Value : ~$ 50 + referral | Views : 1213

FLETA has resolved the GAS issue of Ethereum, the Staking of EOS, and the problem of scalability of current blockchain platforms. 

FLETA is airdropping up to 50 USD worth in FLETA tokens and up to 50 USD worth in FLETA tokens for your referrals. 


1. Log in to the FLETA Airdrop page. 

2. Complete all of the tasks to earn the maximum amount of $USD in FLETA tokens.

3. For each task you complete, you will earn a specific amount of $USD in FLETA tokens.

4. Once the Bounty contest is complete, you will have a chance to earn a percentage of the $300,00 USD in FLETA Tokens according to the number of tasks (and corresponding $USD) you have accumulated.

5. You will have to complete KYC after the Bounty is over to claim your rewards. 

6. Share your referral link to earn up to 1 $USD in FLETA tokens for every referral. 


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