GLAD network (GLAD)


GLAD network (GLAD)


Value : ~~$ 9.35 + referral | Views : 1140

GLAD is a DSP (Demand Side Platform), DMP (Data Management Platform) and SSP (Supply Side Platform) combined, holistic programmatic Ad platform which is designed by cutting edge technology to fulfill all needs of the industry. That’s why we call GLAD as Holistic and Disruptive Product.

GLAD network is airdropping 85 GLAD tokens (~$ 9.35) for airdrop participants and 16 GLAD tokens (~$ 1.76) for every referral.


1. Register for the Glad Network Airdrop

2. Verify your mail and click on ''Airdrop''.

3. Join GLAD Network Group & Channel on Telegram. Write /join_airdrop in the group telegram and follow the bot instructions.

4. Sumbit your Telegram Username on the Airdrop page.

5. Follow & Retweet GLAD Network on Twitter.

6. Sumbit your Twitter Username on the Airdrop page.

7. Share your referral link and earn 15 GLAD tokens for every referral.


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