Vite (VITE)


Vite (VITE)


Value : ~$ 1 | Views : 1163

Vite is a next-generation Reactive Blockchain that adopts a message-driven, asynchronous architecture and a DAG-based ledger. The goal for Vite’s design is to provide a reliable public platform for industrial ÐApps, with features of ultra-high throughput and scalability. Vite is listed on CoinMarketCap.

Vite is airdropping  10 VITE tokens (~$ 1) to airdrop participants. Every 24 hours, you can claim at least 10 VITE tokens and may have a chance to get up to 1,000 VITE tokens (~$ 100). 

1. Download and Install the Vite App for IOS.

2. Create an Account. 

3. Go to the 3rd tab in the wallet App and click on ''Pick up now'', wait for an hour to claim 50 VITE tokens on your wallet.

4. Click on ''Pick up now'' to claim an uncertain amount from 10 up to 1000 VITE tokens, every 24 hours.

5. You can withdraw VITE after the launch of mainnet which will be in Q3 of 2019.


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