Afin Coin (AFIN)


Afin Coin (AFIN)


Value : ~$ 4 | Views : 1198

Afin Coin provides an online business platform for various business entrepreneurs and companies and brings them on Blockchain platform to applications for business platforms in those fields.

Afin Coin is airdropping up to 10 AFIN tokens (~$ 4) to airdrop participants. 

1. Go to the Afin Coin Airdrop form. 

2. Join Afin Coin on the main Group and spread a good word about Afin Coin.

3. Join Afin Coin on the news channel.

4. Join the Social Network Representative Group

5. Follow Afin Coin on Twitter.

6. Retweet 3 posts from Afin tweets with the hashtag #afincoin and tag 3 friends.

7. Create one tweet about Afin with hashtag #afincoin.

8. Follow and Like Afin Coin on Facebook & Give 5 stars and good feedback about Afin Coin.

9. Share 2 Facebook posts by Afin Coin with hashtag #afincoin.

10. Follow Afin Coin on LinkedIn

11. Like, comment and share at least 2 LinkedIn posts with hashtag #afinco.

12. Submit your ERC-20 wallet address and your details to the Airdrop form, and Pass KYC. 

13. Comment your Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn username on the BitcoinTalk Airdrop Thread. (+1 AFIN, Optional)

14. Post good feedback on the BitcoinTalk ANN Thread. (+1 AFIN, Optional)

15. Afin Coin will start distributing the reward to your ERC20 wallet starting on May 15th, 2019.


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