Cloverdex (CLDX)


Cloverdex (CLDX)


Value : ~$ 6.3 | Views : 1544

Cloverdex will provide a modular hybrid decentralised exchange and secure multi-currency wallet (implementing multi-signature technology) with strong focus on cryptocurrency market analysis and knowledge sharing, user accessibility and friendliness, social trading, and best practice regulatory and legal compliance.

Cloverdex is airdropping 30 CLDX tokens (~$ 6.3) to airdrop participants and 10 CLDX tokens (~$ 2.1) for every referral.


1. Go to the Cloverdex Airdrop form.

2. Join Cloverdex Group on Telegram.

3. Join Cloverdex Channel on Telegram.

4. Join Cloverdex Bounty Group on Telegram.

5. Show some activity in Cloverdex Telegram groups.

6. Submit your details to the Cloverdex Airdrop form.

7. Post a proof of authentication on Bitcointalk, with the information below:

#proof of authentication

Telegram login: 

Bitcointalk Username: 

ETH Address: 

8. Share your referral link to earn 10 CLDX tokens per referral. For your referral link, paste your Telegram username after this link url.


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