ShareMeAll (ESWITCH)


ShareMeAll (ESWITCH)


Value : ~€ 6,4 | Views : 822

ShareMeAll Marketplace and eSwitch Tokens allows everyone to share skills, objects, all or part of their home, car, etc. In return, users of ShareMeAll will receive eSwitch that will allow them to take advantage of services, objects, accommodations, etc. offered by other members around the world.

ShareMeAll is airdropping is 8 eSwitch tokens (~ € 6,4) and 1 eSwitch (~ € 0,8) for every referral.

1. Go to the ShareMeAll Airdrop bot.

2. Join ShareMeAll on Telegram, group & channel.

3. Follow ShareMeAll on Twitter. (+2 eSwitch)

4. Like ShareMeAllon Facebook. (+2 eSwitch)

5. Subscribe to ShareMeAll on Youtube. (+2 eSwitch)

6. Follow ShareMeAll on LinkedIn. (+2 eSwitch)

7. Submit your Ethereum Wallet Address and mail to the bot.

8. Share your referral link to earn 1 eSwitch for every referral.


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