Encrybit (ENCX)


Encrybit (ENCX)


Value : ~$ 10.6 + referral | Views : 1500

Encrybit airdrop is worth up to 53 ENCX tokens (~$ 10.6) and 10 ENCX (~$2) for every referral. 

Encrybit is the first cryptocurrency exchange with a modern trading platform that sets it apart from the traditional style of traditional exchanges available in the current market. 

Encrybit is airdropping up to 53 ENCX tokens (~$ 10.6). Share your referral link to earn 10 ENCX (~$2) for every referral. 


1. Go to the Encrybit Airdrop page.

2. Submit your mail and Ethereum address. 

3. Register on Encrybit & verify your mail. (Mandatory)

4. Join Encrybit on Telegram. (Mandatory)

5. Follow Encrybit on Twitter. (Mandatory)

6. Go to your dashboard on the Encrybit site. Copy your referral code and paste it in the Airdrop page. (Mandatory)

7. Complete more tasks from the Airdrop page to earn more ENCX tokens, 1 point = 1 ENCX.

8. Submit all your details to the Airdrop page.

9. You will receive extra 10 ENCX tokens if you complete all tasks, in total 53 ENCX tokens.

10. Share your referral link from the Airdrop page to earn 10 ENCX tokens for every referral.

11. Additional: There will be a lottery each week among the participants. 7 people will win 20 XRP. Your points on the airdrop form must be 35+ points.

12. Bonus: if your referral makes an investment, you will receive 3% as commission.

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