Nexxo Video Campaign (NEXXO)


Nexxo Video Campaign (NEXXO)


Value : ~Up to 10,000,000 NEXXO tokens (~$ 8,300) | Views : 1164

Nexxo Video Campaign is giving away a total of 18 million NEXXO tokens to users who create a video about Nexxo. The top 3 most liked and shared videos will earn the following rewards:

#1 Winner will receive 10,000,000 NEXXO tokens (~$ 8,300).

#2 Winner will receive 5,000,000 NEXXO tokens (~$ 4,150).

#3 Winner will receive 3,000,000 NEXXO tokens (~$ 2,490).


About Nexxo

Nexxo is a global leader in financial technology solutions for small businesses in emerging markets, with innovative products in payroll, payment gateway, wages protection system (WPS), point of sale (POS) devices and e-commerce. Nexxo is the trusted partner for SMEs for all their financial technology needs. Nexxo is rated 3.7/5 on ICO bench

Want to learn more? Have a look at review of Nexxo


How to join the Nexxo Video Campaign?

  1. Create a video about Nexxo and include the three video contents as described below.
  2. Submit your video on NEXXO Video bounty page.
  3. You have to log in to your NEXXO account, or sign up if you have not an account yet.


Video contents

  • -Top 3 reason why you think Nexxo is different than other projects.
  • -Your prediction of the NEXXO token price in December 2019.
  • -What would you do with your money, if you would become a millionaire from Nexxo tokens?



  • -You must have a account
  • -Content must be of relevant industry topic and reflect positivity about NEXXO
  • -Only original content will be accepted. Video length to be at least 1½ minutes, in English only.
  • -Campaign runs from Dec 1st - Dec 31st


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