veriTAG (VTAG)


veriTAG (VTAG)


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veriTAG aims to provide a Blockchain and Token enabled food trading and service platform for Safe food at the best price with the best quality. 

veriTAG is airdropping 1,580 VTAG tokens to airdrop participants.

1. Go to the veriTAG Airdrop page. 

2. Register and login.

3. Join veriTAG on Telegram. (+20 VTAG) Upload a screenshot of it to the Airdrop page. Repeat this every step.

4. Follow Jason Lim on LinkedIn. (+40 VTAG) 

5. Follow veriTAG on LinkedIn. (+80 VTAG) 

6. Refer 1 friend to Telegram. Your friend must participate in the airdrop. (+160 VTAG). Share your friends Telegram Name in the Airdrop page. Repeat this in step 7.

7. Refer 5 friends to Telegram. Your friends must participate in the airdrop. (+ 1280 VTAG). 



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