Berminal round 4 (BERM)


Berminal round 4 (BERM)


Value : ~~$5 + referral | Views : 4369

Berminal and the BERM utility token have released a new social media video app. To celebrate the launch, they are airdropping 100 BERM tokens to all users of the new app, called Bermi.

Berminal is airdropping 100 BERM tokens (~$5) to airdrop participants and 100 BERM tokens (~$5) for every referral. You can earn additional 1 BERM token for each video you watch in the app. ICO price: 1 BERM = 0.05 USD

How to join Berminal Airdrop Round 4?

  1. Download the Berminal App. (For android only, iOS is coming soon)
  2. Create an account. Use this referral code: 44194234
  3. Watch videos to earn 1 BERM for each video.
  4. Share your referral link to earn 100 BERM tokens for every referral.
  5. You can withdraw the tokens after the completion of the Airdrop. 
Or visit token website

Never share your private key with anyone! Never spend money to get free tokens!

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