Ludos (LUD)


Ludos (LUD)


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Ludos will use blockchain technology and token economy to reform the game industry, enhance the flow of resources between upstream and downstream industries, provide game players with a more transparent gaming environment, and bring more customer flow and new opportunities to developers.

Ludos ia ardropping in collaboration with DDEX Exchange 15 LUD tokens to airdrop participants and 15 LUD tokens for each referral.
  1. Visit the Ludos airdrop page and submit your ETH address.
  2. On the next page, copy the code and send it to the Telegram group.
  3. Refer friends to earn 15 LUD tokens for every referral.
  4. LUD tokens will be listed on DDEX. If you do not have an Ethereum wallet yet, you can read the DDEX wallet guide on how to set one up!

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