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NXAD allows anyone to create an ad by connecting any link they want quality traffic on with a token reward (X-AD). 

NXAD is airdropping 50 NXA tokens (~$ 1) to airdrop participants.

1. Sign up to the NXAD Airdrop site. 
2. Log in and click on ''EARN NXA''. 
3. Select the role “Advertiser” in the drop-down in the upper left corner of the view and click on ''+Create new X-AD'' in the header menu.
4. You will need any kind of link or URL you want to have more traffic/visitors on it for the creation of your first X-AD
5. Add all further required details in the form’s sections in a way you think suits your chosen content the best.
6. In section 3 “Budget Settings for this X-AD”, you need to add the exact amount of 50 NXA as an ''Overall Budget'' to your X-AD.
7. Click on ''Save & Publish'' button. Your X-AD will then be processed and pending for approval.
8. After your X-AD was approved, the remaining 50 NXA is shown in your account’s balance.


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