Rewards Airdrop round 2 (RWRD)


Rewards Airdrop round 2 (RWRD)


Value : ~$ 11,40 | Views : 1737 is revolutionizing loyalty programs by building a blockchain based global marketplace through cutting edge technology allowing shoppers to earn & redeem cryptocurrency instead of points at any participating merchant or on the exchange. 

Rewards is airdropping 57 RWRD tokens (~$ 11,40) to airdrop participants who sign-up and create an account on You can earn bonus RWRDs, plus when you shop you earn FREE Dash. 1 RWRD = 0,35 USD

  1. Create an account on the Rewards AirDrop site & use the code “AIRDROP” under “promo code”.  Skip this step if you already have a account.
  2. Shop your favorite brands like Walmart, Staples, Nike, Light N the Box, and HomeDepot.
  3. Select “Games and Promotions” in the menu bar and enter in one of the contests provided.
  4. You will receive 57 RWRD (~$11,40) tokens in your “my account” dashboard.
  5. Airdrop tokens will be credited to your account within two weeks after the new platform goes live.
  6. Additional rewards: for every purchase you make with receive DASH cash back and a bonus of 50 RWRD tokens.

Curious for more info on Read more in Rewards Token review..

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Never share your private key with anyone! Never spend money to get free tokens!

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